The Value of Education 

The Value of Education

In our society, education is experiencing a noticeable decline in quality and without proper diagnosis and appropriate remedies, it becomes vulnerable to further deterioration.

It’s disheartening that students are no longer driven by scholarly pursuits; instead, they exhibit indifference toward learning. Some youths have come to conclude that education is a scam when it fails to meet their expectation of employment.

Also, our instructional system is influenced by various factors causing its decline, some overt and others more insidious, gradually eroding its quality. Diagnosing these issues is crucial to prevent quality education from becoming a relic of the past.

Nevertheless, its worth remains constant. 

The Value of Education

Beyond certificates for job acquisition, the following are roles education has played in the lives of learners: 

Transformative Power: Learning surpasses academic excellence; it stands as a cornerstone for holistic individual development, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional growth. It profoundly shapes temperament, and character, and defines an individual’s personality.

Identity Formation and Social Interaction: Learning goes beyond tests and exams; it shapes one’s identity, fostering social interactions, and nurturing a healthy lifestyle. It lays the groundwork for recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses, essential for competency development

Behavior and Character Formation: Often overlooked in schools, teachings on behavior and character, especially in subjects like civic education, play a pivotal role. Topics like Cultism, Drug Abuse, Good Citizenship, and Human Rights actively mold ethical decisions and behaviors.

Inculcating Moral Values: There are textbooks and literature texts that significantly influence children’s embrace of virtuous living, resistance to negative influences, and navigation of peer pressure. They contribute immensely to shaping ethical behavior, often undervalued compared to parental influence. 


Joseph Addison astutely characterized it as an unwavering companion, resilient against adversity, fostering personal and societal enhancement. Its intrinsic value exceeds academic s success. 

Sadly, societal misconceptions have limited education’s worth to job security and rapid wealth accumulation, undermining its vital role in personal advancement and self-development. 

It is crucial to recognize education is not a scam but a transformative journey shaping minds, empowering lives, and building the foundation for a thriving tomorrow. 

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