Techniques for Setting Achievable Goals at Work and in Personal Life

In our previous article, we explained what goal is and what it is not. We also defined goal-setting and looked at its importance.

In this article, we shall look at the techniques for setting achievable goals at work and in personal life.

Whether you are setting group goals for your team or personal goals, it is important to start with goals that are big enough but still realistic. The goals that you can achieve.

Tips for Personal Goal-Setting
1. Consider Your Passions
Part of the process for how to set life goals should be deciding what inspired you and what your values are. You should be passionate about your goals if you want to achieve them in the long run. What do you want to become in the future?

Define your priorities and what will bring you true personal satisfaction. To find your passion, pinpoint what your core values are.

What are you passionate about? What do you derive joy doing? What do you want in life? Consider what you want to achieve. What you like to do best, what you can do.
Your goals should be meaningful to you and provide you with a sense of pride once you meet them.

2. Set Goals You can Control
Your personal goal should be on something within your control, not on something outside your control.

It should not be dependent on other people. It should not rely on external factor that you have no control over.
Be realistic about what you can and can’t be directly responsible for.


3. Imagine Your Future
Take some time to ponder about what you would like your life to look like. What does your ideal future entail? Ask yourself some questions that will point you in the right direction.

Do you want to work for yourself? How many hours do you want to commit to on a daily basis?

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Tips for Setting Goals at Work
1. Brainstorm
Spend some time brainstorming to reflect what you want to do as a team. Think of what you want to achieve, your vision as a team, what do you want? Think of these before you write down your goals for the team.

2. Include Everyone
It is important that everyone is carried along and heard during the goal-setting process. Each member of your team should feel they can speak openly and contribute their ideas or goals.

There should be we-feeling, every member of the team should have a sense of belonging, should be seen as a member of the team and have a say in the goal-setting process.

Having everyone’s input will help create goals that everyone is invested in. There should be shared vision where every member of the team contribute excellently during the goal-setting process, and make him feel he is a member of the team.

Write down each team member’s idea, no matter how silly, so that they feel heard. Together, you can go through each goal to decide if it works for the whole team.

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3. Ask Why
It is important to discuss the purpose of your group’s goal so that everyone is on the same page. During your goal-setting session, create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages questions from everyone if there is any uncertainty.

What are we doing? Where do we want to be?
Every team member should have a shared vision for why you have set this common goal. Everybody should know the direction the team is going and all work towards it.

It will give your team clarity on what you want to achieve and make it easier for everyone to work together.

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