The Role Of Acceptance In National Development

The Role Of Acceptance In National Development

Development is vital for any nation’s growth, and the most important people who have the greatest role in a nation’s development are the youths. Youths become dynamic in their actions and play distinct roles in the growth and development of any nation. They must possess the ability to make choices that align with the pursuit … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and Its Regulated Usage

AI and Its Regulated Usage

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing at a rapid pace. For most of the past decade, public concerns about digital technology have focused on the potential abuse of personal data. Ever since OpenAI released ChatGPT into the wild in late 2022, the world has been abuzz with talks of Generative Artificial Intelligence and the future it … Read more

IoT In Agriculture And Its Application

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  The introduction of the IoT in agriculture and its application is one of the contributing factors to the growth of the agricultural sector. IoT has brought huge benefits to the agricultural industry, such as increased water availability, increased production, and many more. What Is IoT, and What Is Its Importance in Agriculture? The Internet … Read more

Smart Farming:The Future Of Agriculture 


Smart agriculture also known as precision farming is the implementation of technology, software and equipment to optimize and automate farming processes for a faster and better result. These new technologies include the use of AI, drones, IoT, satellites, big data and more to provide more innovation in food production. Smart agriculture is one of the … Read more

How to Be An Effective Digital Citizen

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The digital space is a virtual community, but are you a good citizen of it? Citizenship confers special status on those that are qualified. It separates them from aliens, allowing them to fully associate with the aspirations and objectives of the community in question. A citizen enjoys the full privileges and benefits of their environment … Read more