Become The Master In The Other Room


A cleric once said: if you give your wife good sex, she will forgive you your sins. Are you experiencing premature ejaculation? Is your Gbola (penis) experiencing a weak erection, and your wife is threatening to get satisfaction elsewhere? If your response to these questions is yes, don’t be alarmed. I have a secret solution. … Read more

Ethical Issues Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

Ethical Issues Of AI In Healthcare 300x200

Ethical Issues Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare is fast becoming prominent. However, ethical issues such as data privacy, data handling, biases, patient confidentiality, and more have raised concerns about the reliability of AI in healthcare.  Over the past decade, AI and technology (machine learning) have helped to provide … Read more

The Role Of AI In Transforming Healthcare

The healthcare sector constantly faces a growth in demand in all parts of the world. This demand has prompted the use of AI to transform the healthcare sector.  An increasing population drives this demand, the outbreak of zoonotic and non-zoonotic diseases, a rise in genetic conditions, lifestyle changes, and a continuous cycle of innovative technology. … Read more