A Good Day

A Good Day

Today just has to be a good day, Derick thought to himself as he left the room of his on-campus hostel. It was a cold Tuesday morning, and compared to other days, he felt pretty good. Today is one of those days when the sun just doesn’t seem eager to pop up from behind the … Read more

We Can Make the World Better With Love

Love Can Make the World Better

Children, parents, adults, blinds, young and old, soldiers, civilians, politicians, etc. all wish to live in a better world devoid of war, and other atrocities. However, attention is not given to an important aspect of life that would be helpful in achieving peace in the world. This aspect of human life is love. Love can … Read more

Christmas Clothes: The importance of family traditions

The Christmas holiday is one I always look forward to. Apart from the fun and relaxation with friends and family, I always anticipate my Christmas dress. Gifting my siblings and me new clothes and shoes was a tradition every Christmas holiday. This is one age-old tradition that has been past from generation to generation that … Read more