How to Become a Good Brand Marketer

How to Become a Good Brand Marketer

To understand who a brand marketer is, we need to know the meaning of the keywords. A brand is a business or product that is used to identify the discretion of the consumers. The brand is made through rigorous practicals, advertisement, packaging and numerous designs. Also, a marketer is a person who promotes a business, products … Read more

How to Enhance Your Brand Value With a Well-Told Story

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Brand value is the quality that you want your product consumers to connect with in their perception of your brand. It is what your brand means to them. That is, your consumers’ positive perception. A brand is a composite of values which constitute customers’ perception. The value proposition of the Toyota brand is ‘Good Thinking, … Read more

The Best Way to Meet Customer Expectations

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The more you know and understand the background and behaviour of your audience and their needs, the better you can prepare your approach to dealing with them. Human behaviour is a function of the environment in which the individual finds himself. In business, striving to have our customers’ background information can help us identify their … Read more