Symptoms and Antidotes for giving up

There are so many underlying and subtle symptoms for giving up as well as there are antidotes to tackle them.

We all at some point in our lives reach that stage where we start to consider giving up on our dreams, a loved one, passion and so on.

I was able to scale through a difficult time in my life without giving up by administering some of the antidotes I would be sharing in this post.

Here are some symptoms and antidotes for giving up.

  • Symptom 1

Negative thoughts

  • Antidote

When they come say the positive word out loud. This will dispel the thought. Let me teach you a secret. Rather than negating the negative word to make it positive, use the positive word instead. For example: When your thought says “you are a failure” Say “I am a success” instead of saying “I am not a failure”. When it says “you are ugly” say “I am beautiful” instead of saying “I am not ugly” By doing this, you are eliminating the negative words out of your mindset.

  • Symptom 2


  • Antidote

Do not let your situation make you sad. Engage in other things that give you joy. For me it was writing. Although some of my writings at that time didn’t see the light of day. I shared a number of them with my friends who are writers as well and their feedback gave me the assurance that I was good at something and that’s writing. Decide to be happy irrespective of the situation.

  • Symptom 3


  • Antidote

At this point you just want to be alone. You want to turn down every invite. It’s understandable but do not let it get the better part of you. Talk to people you trust (could be a family member, friend, spiritual head as the case may be) let out your fear and anxiety. Do not bottle up your feelings. Yeah, sometimes it’s ok to be vulnerable around people you trust. Cry if it makes you feel better but do not withdraw. Withdrawal can be a pathway to the abyss if not checked.

  • Symptom 4

Loss of Faith

  • Antidote

Whatever happens do not lose your faith in God. During my dark times, I found strength and comfort in Him. I wrote letters to Him, spoke to Him and received answers. Trusting in Him is your best shot.

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If you are going through depression as a result of failure, setback, heartbreak and other challenges and you are on the verge of giving up, know that you are not alone. Keep pressing, don’t give up and in no time, you will see good results.



Evelyn Temitayo Ajimuda is a versatile creative writer, content creator, poet, and captivating storyteller. With her words, she weaves narratives that inspire hope and spread boundless joy to her readers.

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