Dominate and Unleash the Incredible Power of Capturing and Breeding Illuvials in Illuvium

Are you a gamer interested in exploring a web3 game that gives you the opportunity to collect, rare, and trade? Are you interested in earning digital collectibles? Are you tired of high gas fees and network congestion that Ethereum poses? Illuvium is a captivating game that provides both entertainment and financial opportunities by capturing and breeding Illuvials.

The thrilling game Illuvium is listed among the best GameFi games of 2023. Through GameFi on the Web3 space, you can combine gaming and decentralized finance in an open, transparent, and inclusive manner without the need for intermediaries. Stay alert; more Illuvials can be earned, Illuvium is planning to launch its beta testing for users in 2023.

Illuvium is unique and record-breaking as it is the first AAA title game on Ethereum and the first Interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG). This gives you the opportunity to trade your in-game assets with other players on IlluviDEX (a marketplace and information depot that uses Immutable X, a layer 2 scaling solution enabling instant and gas-free transactions).

Another interesting aspect of Illuvium is that it is an open-world fantasy battle and role-playing game (RPG) and collection game powered by Immutable X and Polkadot. It offers open-world exploration, NFT creature collection, and an auto-battler game with stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and a rich sci-fi story.

How to Capture Illuvials in Illuvium 

It is essential to understand the capture mechanism, as this is a thrilling aspect of the game. This is an exciting path of your gameplay experience and advancing in the game. Here is a quick guide to capturing Illuvials:

To advance in the game, you will have to master the two-stage process of ‘Sharding’ and ‘Capture.’ This is crucial to advancing in the game, and successful gameplay depends on careful management of Dimensional Energy, understanding the Flee Mechanic, and attentive reading of the M0Z4RT messages.

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The first stage of capturing an Illuvial is the sharding phase. If the sharding process is successful, the Illuvial enters the M0Z4RT drone for the capture attempts. The ‘sharding failed’ message pops up if the sharding process fails. With enough dimensional energy and shards, you will have the chance to capture again.

The second stage is the capture phase. With the Illuvial inside the drone, M0z4rt is trying its best to keep and capture it. If the capture is successful, a visual and audio feedback will indicate the successful capture of the Illuvial.

The Illuvial will only be available on the locker storage once the current run is completed and goes back to Sanctum Mesa. If the capture fails, a ‘Capture failed’ message will pop up. You will have to try again with the same shard or a slightly better one, and you will need dimensional energy and shards.

How to Breed Illuvials in Illuvium 

The process of breeding Illuvials is by combining two Illuvials of the same species to make a new one possessing different traits and abilities.

The breeding process is done in the Illuvium Overworld (a 3D open-world exploration game where Illuvials can be captured, collected, and traded). The following steps will show you how to fuse Illuvials to create more powerful creatures:

1. Firstly, it will require you to have in your collection two Illuvials of the same species. Using shards and some special crystals, you can capture Illuvials. Capturing an Illuvial requires you to engage in a battle with it, lower its health until it is vulnerable, and then throw a shard at it.

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2. Secondly, have enough ILV tokens (a native token of Illuvium used for purposes like staking, governance, and in-game transactions) to pay for the breeding fee. Earning ILV requires you to play the game, participate in the community, or buy it from exchanges. Always note that the higher the rarity and level, the more ILV you pay.

3. Thirdly, find a breeding station in the Illuvium Overworld. This is a breeding station to breed your Illuvials. Locate the breeding station using a map or asking other players. Once found, interact with the breeding station and select the Illuvials you want to breed. You can choose the gender and name of the Illuvial, then confirm the breeding fee and pay with your ILV tokens.

4. Finally, wait for the breeding process to finish. It might be quite lengthy, from minutes to hours, depending on the complexity and rarity of the Illuvials. Immediately the breeding process is completed, a notification will be sent, and a new shard containing the new Illuvial. Add the new Illuvial to your collection.

How to Use ILV and IlluviDEX in Illuvium 

ILV is Illuvium’s native token, used within the Illuvium game and its ecosystem. ILV tokens can be used for in-game rewards, staking at the Illuvium Vault, and DAO governance, promoting community collaboration.

IlluDEX is the name of the decentralized exchange (DEX) platform integrated with the Illuvium game. Using IlluviDEX allows you to buy, sell, and trade Illuvials, Land, and other items in the Illuvium universe using ILV tokens or other cryptocurrencies. You can also power your trip into the Overworld by swapping extracted Land resources for fuel. IlluviDEX is also a repository of information about Illuvials, equipment, and consumables.

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Illuvium is a novel web3 game unique for the chance it gives you to trade with other players, offering exhilarating features. Mastering the Capturing and Breeding of Illuvials mechanism involves understanding the intricacies of “Sharding” and “Capturing” for existing Illuvials and breeding Illuvials of the same species to produce a new Illuvials. ILV is Illuvium’s native token and IlluviDEX is the game’s marketplace and repository for information. Whether you are a beginner or expert, these guide will enhance your ability on how to capture and breed Illuvials on Illuvium. Fight for Ethereum on Illuviums now. Happy capturing.


  • Illuvium Overworld is an open-world exploration game set on a shattered world where you can discover seven spectacular regions and encounter different Illuvials and resources. Find more information about the game features and mechanics on the official website.

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