Conquer Insomnia: 6 Effective Strategies for Restful Sleep

According to Meriam Webster dictionary, Insomnia is prolonged and usually abnormal inability to get enough sleep especially due to trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

Insomnia, often fueled by stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges, robs us of the precious sleep we need. Unhealthy habits, such as excessive screen time and poor eating choices, can exacerbate the problem.

Here are six proven ways to combat insomnia and welcome restful nights.

1. Limit Screen Time

Exposure to blue light from devices disrupts sleep. Combat insomnia by setting a technology curfew before bedtime to improve sleep quality.

2. Mind Your Late-night Diet

Avoid Heavy Foods:

Heavy meals before bed can cause discomfort, hindering sleep. Opt for lighter evening meals to promote restfulness.

Say No to Sugary Snacks:

Steer clear of sugary treats like cakes, sweets, and coffee before bedtime. These can trigger sugar rushes, leading to insomnia.

3. Bedtime Elixirs

Sip Warm Milk:

Calm your nerves with a comforting glass of warm milk before bedtime, aiding in a peaceful night’s sleep.

Bananas for Stress Reduction:

Combat stress and anxiety, the culprits of insomnia, by adding bananas into your evening routine. Or you can have both banana and milk and sleep like a baby.

 4. Embrace White Noise:

Introduce soothing white noise, such as radio static or steady water sounds, to distract and relax your mind. Numerous apps and online resources offer these calming sounds.

5. Comfort is Key

Ensure your bed and pillow provide comfort. Uncomfortable bedding can contribute to sleep disturbances, so invest in a cozy sleep environment.

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6. Pray for Peaceful Sleep

Drawing inspiration from Psalm 127:2, “…For so he giveth his beloved sleep.”consider incorporating prayer into your bedtime routine. Seeking solace in spiritual practices can provide a sense of tranquility.


Prolonged insomnia can lead to constant daytime fatigue, irritability, depression, problems involving concentration/memory and so on.

Being intentional about your habits is crucial in overcoming insomnia. Manage your diet, screen time, and bedtime routine with purpose, bidding farewell to insomnia and welcoming rejuvenating sleep. Remember, conquering insomnia is a gradual process, so be patient and consistent in your efforts for lasting results.

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