Christmas Clothes: The importance of family traditions

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The Christmas holiday is one I always look forward to. Apart from the fun and relaxation with friends and family, I always anticipate my Christmas dress.
Gifting my siblings and me new clothes and shoes was a tradition every Christmas holiday.
This is one age-old tradition that has been past from generation to generation that I will continually uphold and cherish.
The cheesy feeling it brings and the love behind giving us those lovely dresses makes it remarkable.
Another family gathering I always look forward to is cross overnight, my whole family is always present as we share, pray, and plan for the new year.
Yours might be different from mine. There are certain traditions your parents have instilled in you that have shaped you.
I once had a friend who told me that every year in honor of their mom’s birthday, they visit the orphanage to donate food items and clothing. In turn, this tradition made her regard the less privilege

The following are some of the importance of family traditions:

1.  Family traditions carry a special significance for all family members involved. As opposed to family routines which are often basic activities that are necessary to keep the family unit functioning.

2.  Family traditions help to make memories for families that last a lifetime.

3.  It provides children with a sense of security by providing continuity.

4.  It gives family members a strong sense of belonging.

5.  It helps pass on family values including cultural and religious heritage.


Family traditions is always something to look forward to as they establish a foundation for family values and serve as special bonding experiences.

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