Philophobia: The Fear of Love

Philophobia : The  Fear of Love     Philophobia: The Fear of Love The once vibrant colors of love in Nancy’a life had faded to a monochrome of despair. Each attempt at affection felt like a cruel lesson from fate, reaffirming her unworthiness of love’s embrace. The wounds inflicted by Stan’s departure had yet to … Read more

How to Set Achievable Goals

Kelvin let out another prolonged, audible sigh. He flipped through his notebook as if searching for something. As with every year’s end, he found his goals and resolutions staring back at him, unmet and unfulfilled. This annual reckoning wasn’t just a glance at a list; it was a journey through the past year, revisiting the … Read more

Understanding the Signs of Toxic relationships: A Tale of Endurance

  People in toxic relationships don’t admit it until it is almost too late or too late. This is the case of Abimbola who despite all the red flags justified her actions until an occurrence opened her eyes to the reality she pretended didn’t exist.            Abimbola’s heart raced as she … Read more

Resilience Unmasked: Embracing Vulnerability’ Strength

    Timi epitomized strength, even his physique a testament to his rugged nature. Firmly entrenched in his beliefs, he considered vulnerability a trait meant for women, an attribute incompatible with his masculine identity. Despite the weariness visibly etched into each step on his journey homeward, he maintained a façade of unwavering resilience It had … Read more

The Value of Education 

In our society, education is experiencing a noticeable decline in quality and without proper diagnosis and appropriate remedies, it becomes vulnerable to further deterioration. It’s disheartening that students are no longer driven by scholarly pursuits; instead, they exhibit indifference toward learning. Some youths have come to conclude that education is a scam when it fails … Read more

How to Overcome Low Self-Esteem

  “Struggling with low self-esteem is not uncommon; it often stems from various reasons such as family background, bullying, and personal experiences that left one’s esteem bruised. When I was younger, low self-esteem profoundly affected me, limiting my confidence and leading to constant fear, doubt, negative self-talk, and comparisons. Mistakes terrified me, compliments felt insincere, … Read more



Jeff jumped from the truck, dressed in Bunker Gear; regulated station wear, made from weightless, breathable, and flame-retardant fabrics. The bulkiness of the fabrics made him look extra large. His hands were safeguarded by large gloves, and he wore sturdy boots to protect his feet. His perfectly fit yellow helmet looks like a shield to … Read more



To Ada, nature seemed to be the only thing life could not mess with, as it does with humans. At 16, the sea had become her favorite. It was like a balm to her soul, easing her pain. The recent experience with Papa began to replay in her mind, gaining passage into her thoughts. She … Read more