Playing Smart: How to Make the Best Use of Social Media for Business Opportunities

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One visible difference between a 20th-century and the 21st-century marketplace is the ability to play smart in the latter. To work hard was fashionable advice given to business owners to get them to promote their business in the old time. But now, this advice has seen better days and working smart is the new normal. … Read more

How to Enhance Your Brand Value With a Well-Told Story

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Brand value is the quality that you want your product consumers to connect with in their perception of your brand. It is what your brand means to them. That is, your consumers’ positive perception. A brand is a composite of values which constitute customers’ perception. The value proposition of the Toyota brand is ‘Good Thinking, … Read more

How to Create a Good Service Experience for Client and Customer Satisfaction

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Efficient customer/client service forms the basis of the customer experience. Most customers’ main interaction with a business is through interacting with a business’s employee, either by visiting an office as a client or a store as a customer. Interaction could also be through virtual means like email, phone call, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and so … Read more

Why You Should Maintain Online Digital Etiquette

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Maintaining online digital etiquette is crucial in this day and age. TRW Consult writer tells us exactly why we should – and how we can do so. Understanding Digital Interaction The connective power of digital technology provides a guide for people to effectively navigate globally interconnected digital spaces in ethical and respectful ways. Digital technologies … Read more

How to Be An Effective Digital Citizen

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The digital space is a virtual community, but are you a good citizen of it? Citizenship confers special status on those that are qualified. It separates them from aliens, allowing them to fully associate with the aspirations and objectives of the community in question. A citizen enjoys the full privileges and benefits of their environment … Read more

From Hobbies to Personal Effectiveness

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Transforming Positive Habits and Hobbies into Learning Power Learning is the process we go through to acquire new knowledge, skills, attitudes or values. We tend to think of learning only in relation to formal study but we are learning all the time through our experiences. Understanding how we learn is a critical building block to … Read more

The Best Way to Meet Customer Expectations

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The more you know and understand the background and behaviour of your audience and their needs, the better you can prepare your approach to dealing with them. Human behaviour is a function of the environment in which the individual finds himself. In business, striving to have our customers’ background information can help us identify their … Read more