8 Vital Tips on How to Self-Prioritize

People believe that putting others before themselves is the best, this is not true. Before considering other people around you, ensure you prioritize. Although you may see it as being self-centered, it is not. You own yourself, and you have the right to make yourself happy.

We are usually so busy solving people’s needs that we can’t care for ourselves. If you are in this category, you are not alone. Many people find themselves in this mess. They do it to maintain closeness. Dwelling on this will lead to many health issues unsuitable for your mental well-being. 

Besides, it will not only make you suffer, but you are stylishly making others around you suffer. When you prioritize yourself, you will be happy and fit to help others. We will examine some tips on self-prioritization to help build mental and physical health.

What Does Self-Prioritize Mean

Self-prioritize means caring for your needs and not always caring for other people’s needs. Self-prioritize also makes you happy and sets limits that others will not infringe on. It also means not allowing anybody to decide for you when inconvenient.

Tips on How to Self-Prioritize

This is very important in your life. Prioritizing yourself helps you love and appreciate your personality. Here are useful tips on how to self-prioritize.

1. Don’t Always Say Yes, Learn to Say No

When you develop the habit of saying no to some request, it positively changes who you are and what you can do at a given time.  Saying yes can always make you lose your self-esteem. It gives room for people to take advantage of your virtue. 

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A feeling of guilt can easily overtake you, but there is a clear indication of enthusiasm and limits here. Be transparent with your family and friends, say no when it’s unsuitable,  and don’t feel guilty.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to learn to say no whenever it’s inconvenient for you. Doing so will help you care for yourself and become the very best of yourself. It will state limits, save time, and empower individuals around you to rethink.

2. Avoid Doing What You Don’t Enjoy.

This may sound awkward, but that is the truth. Whenever you feel it’s too tedious to handle any given task. It is better to speak up than allow yourself to continue the task.

These will help you know your self-worth and what you can do at a given time. It will also help signal to those around you that you have self-confidence.

3. Reduce Stress

Realizing that too much stress is unhealthy will help you set boundaries. This can also affect your physical and emotional well-being, which can cause a lot of health challenges.

Spending enough time with the things that matter most in your life has a positive way of helping you manage stress. Getting enough sleep is also vital in reducing stress, which will help you live a healthy life. 

4. Improve Your Self-Worth

Don’t feel guilty about neglecting other people. You deserve a better and fulfilled life. You need to understand that making yourself a priority in life gives you so much feeling that shows you how much you value yourself. 

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Moreover, there is nothing wrong with you being selfless, but you should try to balance the equation for a happy life. Putting yourself first will make you become a better person. It will help you become mentally and emotionally resilient, allowing you to navigate some situations confidently.

5. Create Time for Yourself

Managing time will help you create more space for yourself. This is very necessary as it will help you have enough time to dedicate to yourself.

Doing that will help you plan your daily activities, and you will realize the impact it will have on your life. You will have more energy and help reduce your stress, which will help you care for yourself and the people around you.

6. Ask For Help When Necessary.

When you feel the burden is too much for you, seek help. Doing this will help set your priorities. When you seek additional help from a close friend to lessen the burden from your shoulder, you will have relief and set for a better life. Quit the pretense and seek assistance from family. You will realize how much they will be ready to help out.

7. Believe in Yourself

Despite some circumstances, life may throw at you, always believe that you are special and able to scale through. Believe that nobody can decide for you, and the power to make yourself a priority lies within you. Accept the best of you because you deserve to be happy and take control of what is happening around you.

8. Engage With Positive People.

Surrounding with people of a positive mind has a better chance of helping you to have priority in life. Positive people who motivate and encourage you to put yourself first in everything you do are vital for your life. Look out for friends who are in that category that can inspire and lift you to grow. 

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Remove anybody who wants to bring negativity and bad energy into your life, which is best for your well-being. Especially when it seems you are working to make the relationship work.


When you follow all these tips, you will experience great impact and feel less stressed. It will also positively affect your self-worth, caring for yourself, and support your family. It is good to be generous, but don’t overdo it so you will not get burned out. Always know you are doing it to maintain your self-worth and mental well-being.


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