5 Steps On How To Convert Your PDF to Word Effortlessly Using Microsoft Word

PDF has been a popular way of sharing documents for compatibility.  Meanwhile, there are times when converting PDF to Word is needed to edit a PDF document. To do that, it must be converted to Word to make the required adjustments to the document. 

The good news is that Microsoft Word has an in-built PDF converter that can assist in converting PDF to Word documents for editing and modifying purposes without using an online converter.

To convert PDF to Word using Microsoft Word, open Microsoft Word on your computer, go to File, select the open option, select the File you want to convert, click the open button, choose the PDF option from the dialogue box, and select OK button, and the conversion is complete.

Steps on How To Convert PDF to Word Using Microsoft Word

Step 1 – Open Microsoft Word

To start the process, install Microsoft Word on your computer. Then open Microsoft Word on your computer.

Step 2 – Open the PDF File

When you have Microsoft Word open on your computer, click on the File at the top left corner of your computer screen. Choose open from the drop-down menu and navigate to the folder or location where you saved your PDF document. Choose the File you want to convert, and Word will process the conversion. 

Step 3 – Choose the Conversion Format

Choosing the PDF file will bring up a dialogue box, followed by a prompt indicating that Word will convert the PDF into Word so you can edit it. Select the OK button.

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Step 4 – Edit the Converted File

Once Microsoft Word finishes the conversion process, it will open on your computer screen as a Word document. Ensure you make all necessary corrections as desired. You have effortlessly converted your PDF file into a Word document using Microsoft Word.

Step 5 – Save the Converted Document

Once the conversion, editing, and modification are complete. Choose the file option and select Save from the drop-down menu. Choose the desired location on your computer where you want to save the File, name the File, select the desired format, and then click Save.

Another Way To Convert PDF to Word

If you are finding it difficult to use Microsoft or trying to convert a complex PDF, there are many ways to do that using another online converter platform. Most online conversions are free, and paid options are available depending on your goal. Such platforms are as follows:

To convert a PDF document to a Word with the help of an online converter, open the site, upload your File, and choose Word as an option. The site will convert it based on your chosen preference and download it to your PC.


Microsoft Word has an excellent feature for converting PDF to Word. It is a simple and effective way of modifying and editing your PDF document and saving it to your desired format. With the above steps, you can quickly convert your PDF to a Word document without stress.



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